Tuesday, November 5, 2013

T-Mobile announces Q3 2013 results, 540,000 iPhones sold, could have sold more!

Today is Q3 2013 earnings day for T-Mobile, and generally speaking things are looking good. Subscriber numbers are up again thanks in no small part to the Uncarrier program, and iPhone is doing pretty well in magenta. Headline numbers are 3.6 million smartphones sold with iPhone making up 15% of that. A bit of rough math puts that at around 540,000 iPhones sold on T-Mobile for the quarter, wherein we saw a new product launch towards the latter stages.

What's perhaps more interesting is a comment that came up while talking about iPhone sales on the earnings conference call. No surprise to anyone, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch was extremely popular, and T-Mobile is convinced that it would have been able to sell many more had supplies of the new devices – by that we assume the iPhone 5s – had been better.

Interesting stuff, and positive for T-Mobile that the high profile devices and competitive plans are continuing to attract new customers. While overall it posted a loss of $36million on $6.9billion in revenue, slowly but surely things continue to improve.

Did you pick up a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c on T-Mobile? How have you been finding the experience?

Update: According to AllThingsD the numbers referenced referred to total sales, while specific T-Mobile brand smartphone sales were lower at 3.6million. As such, iPhone sales were around 540,000 on T-Mobile for the quarter.

Source: T-Mobile


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