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According to the US Federal Reserve, the loan growth at banks slowed down last month, which broke its 10 month streak of acceleration. Bankers cited several factors that led to the slowdown that includes concerns about the US economic recovery, Europe?s debt crisis, and uncertainty over tax laws after the presidential election.

US bank same day loans increased by 5 percent compared to July of last year to $7.1 trillion. It was slower than the 5.3 percent growth in June. Analysts expect loan growth to continue to be slow for the upcoming months as a sign of a decelerating economy.

The manufacturing industry contracted in July. This was the second straight month it happened after expanding for nearly three years. The gross domestic product slightly grew by 1.5 percent in the second quarter. This was seasonally adjusted and annualized. The GDP grew 2 percent in the first quarter and 4.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Source: http://www.paydayloansmag.com/same-day-loan-growth-slows-according-to-fed/

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Have Acne Problems? Try These Tips Out! ? Articles. All day, every ...

Hydration of the skin is key to keeping it healthy and to help prevent acne. So make sure you drink lots of fluids and if possible splash your face with fresh water a couple times a day to rid it of the excess oil and any dirt that may be sitting right on the surface.

Avoid anti-aging cosmetic products. Products designed for mature skin tend to be full of heavy oils as older people often have dry skin. If you have acne-prone skin, these oils will clog up your pores and cause further acne outbreaks. Anti-aging cosmetics also usually contain powerful chemicals which can irritate existing acne.

An important tip to consider when concerning acne is to try using Saw Palmetto as an option for controlling it. This herb is currently used as a way to aide with testosterone and metabolism problems, but has also been proven to be a way to help aid acne flare-ups.

To help you avoid problems with acne you should eat a healthy diet. Your body benefits from a healthy diet and that is no exception when it comes to acne. Make sure you eat a lot of healthy foods such fruits and vegetables which are rich in micro-nutrients and have positive effects on the body.

When you are in the shower and washing your hair, tilt your head back when cleaning off your shampoo. Shampoo can sometimes stick to your face after your shower, irritating your skin and creating more acne. Alternatively, you can wash your hair in the sink to establish more control and eliminate the soap from hitting your face.

Reducing your sugar intake is a great way to decrease the number of breakouts that you have. Sugar makes your body produce more insulin, which produces more hormones, which produces more oil, which produces more bacteria, which in the end, produces more acne. You should also be reducing the number of carbohydrates that you consume, as well.

You need to wash your pillowcase often if you are prone to acne. The oils that the face produces can collect on the pillowcase and cause you to breakout even worse. By washing the pillowcase, you will be limiting your faces exposure to the oils on the pillowcase and thus lowering the number of breakouts.

You have to understand that acne is a natural process that your body undergoes. You can not freak out and panic. Most mild acne will cure itself within a month or two, so you should not be in fear. Just let your body go through its natural processes to stay healthy.

Instead of allowing acne to take over your life, why not use the advice in this article as a starting point for clearer and more toned skin? Follow these tips and tricks and you will begin to notice that your skin is developing an improved appearance, texture, and more even coloration.


Source: http://www.twenty4seven365.com/2012/08/12/have-acne-problems-try-these-tips-out/

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Deluxe Jim Corbett Park Accommodations - Home Based Business ...

Jim Corbett National Park stays packed with vacationers and visitors round the calendar year specifically throughout getaway season. It is actually among the list of oldest national parks in India. Located in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett Countrywide Park is taken into account because the perfect retreat for those enjoyable, journey and wildlife lovers. This park is usually viewed as the hub for skilled wildlife photographers for the reason that they get an opportunity to discover native wildlife of India with this park and they can even capture them of their cameras.

Staying in this countrywide park demands topnotch convenience, devoted products and services and supreme safety. There are various luxuries and price range Jim Corbett Park Motels offered which are well known one of the travellers owing to their excellent solutions as well as for the luxurious lodging they feature.

Listed below are some of reputed and luxury hotels searchin Jim Corbett. But, deciding on the resort absolutely is dependent on your own choice and budget. So, look for vigilantly and get the ideal resort for lodging during your holiday inside the nationwide park. It is recommended that you simply ought to desire to choose for entire holiday break package deal beforehand so as to avoid previous minute rush.

A few of the well known Jim Corbett Park motels:

Corbett Leela Vilas

It is one of the lavish hotels in Jim Corbett National Park and often tops the chart of finest lodges. This hotel correctly compliments the calm setting of the park in addition to gives an aura of purely natural magnificence and organic wildlife. You're going to get each of the services and expert services you have to have for the duration of your remain like decide and drop facility to and on the place. This lodge also arrange open jeep safari which you can decide for to check out the national park. Several of the other facilities consist of recreation space, heater, AC, Wi-Fi connectivity, in-house bar and cafe, laundry and lots of much more.

Solluna Resort

This gorgeous resort is situated while in the awe-inspiring valley of Merchula and guests might have the panoramic view from the full park from this resort. This resort is common because of its micro local climate that every one the holidaymakers delight in throughout their stay within this resort. Many of the significant typical amenities of this resort include banqueting, dining, Corbett safari, deluxe cottage facilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, chilly and very hot drinking water round the clock and so forth.

Infinity Resort

This beautiful resort is situated really close to Jim Corbett Nationwide Park. Below travelers can enjoy yummy cuisines, wild safari, 24/7 home company, physical fitness heart and many a lot more companies. This resort believes in eco-tourism and helps the travellers to acquire acquainted about the cultural traditions and biodiversity from the place.

Corbett Hideaway

This stunning resort is well known for its inspiring floral magnificence which resort is beautifully nestled in the tranquil atmosphere. This resort contains lots of facilities and features and also the in-house restaurant provided varied cuisines which include Indian and continental cuisines. All of the cottages are equipped with all the facilities which include gorgeous furniture, AC, phone, Liquid crystal display, Wi-Fi connectivity, espresso & tea maker and far much more.

To learn much more information about hotels search, Going Here.

Source: http://www.homebasedbusinessprogram.com/xn/detail/2153464%3ABlogPost%3A748834?xg_source=activity

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Real Estate Investing Requires Education

I really believe in getting an education in real estate investing, especially before launching a real estate investing career. I have been investing in real estate for 25 years, but I still spend thousands of dollars each year to learn more about real estate investing. To avoid unnecessary risks, you need to know as much as possible. If you make a wrong move in buying, managing or selling your property, you can lose everything, and your efforts will be flushed down the toilet. On the other hand, if you have what I call know-how savvy, you can weather almost any of the financial storms that will inevitably brew around your real estate investing venture.

Here are some of the critical essentials to make real estate investing pay off.

1.You've got to have a solid overview of the business.

You just can't go out and start making offers - even if you have some money. I guarantee you'll lose your money if this is your approach.

Don't think that fixing up houses is a piece of cake. You've got to know what you're doing.

2.You've got to have a good contract.

Picking up a crinkled ole contract document from your friendly real estate agent won't cut it. Most contracts are NOT written to give you the slight edge as a real estate investing professional.

A good contract means the difference in walking away from a closing with money out of your pocket or in your pocket. I have taken home thousands and thousands of dollars from closings - up to $75,000 from my best closing on just a cheap little house. But a fistful of bills at closing is not your only reward for having a good contract. You can get your seller to take care of some or all of your closing costs if you have a good contract. And you can avoid some of the usual buyer costs if you have a good contract. Have a good BUYER'S contract as a real estate investing professional.

3.You've gotta have a good working model as a pattern for your fix-up project.

If you have never tackled the job of remodeling or even fixing up a house, you don't have any idea what needs to be done and what should NOT be done.

Let me tell you from experience, you will be tempted to spend far more than necessary if you want the perfect house to sell. I know, because my wife is always suggesting what we need to do to our houses. Sometimes she is right, but often she wants to dress up a house with items that do not bring return on investment. It's a very thin line of distinction.

You need a model for your fix-up project to establish a working formula.

Let's face it. You can spend a bank full of money in fixing up a cheap little house. And it's easy to over-spend with money you will never get back. But, on the other hand, if you don't spend the right money on the right things, no one will buy your house. The margin of difference is close.

4.You have got to put on the hat of salesman when you get into this real estate investing business.

Your remodeled house will not sell itself. You have to polish to a spit-shine, and make the finished appearance of your house come off as the most desirable house in the neighborhood.

Don't fix up a cheap little house if you are unwilling to show it and sell it. You will lose a big chunk of your profit if you have to list it with a real estate agent.

It's O.K. to sell your makeover house through a real estate agent if you feel deficient as a salesman. But it is important to see your house AS a salesman in order to do your best job.

The key to success in real estate investing is in knowing what you are doing when you sell.

5.Real estate investing is a business.

Real estate investing is not a hobby and it's not a game. It is, however, a slam-dunk, dead-serious, rock-solid way of making money when you learn the ropes. And it just may be the easiest way you have ever earned a living.

But you have to know what you're doing.

You can make money investing in real estate,but you must learn how to do it right. http://CashinHouses.com/

Phil Speer, Ph.D., started his real estate investing career 25 years ago. Without the availability of credit and using only a $10 bill, he purchased $1 million in properties in his first year, and had accumulated $10 million in properties by his fourth year. He was featured in a Wall St.Journal editorial as most successful investor in the Nothing Down Real Estate Movement, and was honored with a Caribbean cruise as top investor of the year. In his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, he has been a businessman and Human Resources Consultant for 30 years. He is an author, speaker and seminar director. To learn how to profit in real estate investing, even without cash or credit, read his report http://CashinHouses.com/ Subscription is free to his Fix-up Ezine. He and other contributing authors provide free articles and resources on real estate investing at his online ?Academy of Advanced Real Estate Investing Techniques" - http://AAREIT.com/

Source: http://vprealestatenews.blogspot.com/2012/08/real-estate-investing-requires-education.html

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Komen founder to step down as chief executive

(AP) ? As her sister was dying from breast cancer, Nancy G. Brinker made a promise to her: She would do everything she could to end the disease.

Brinker fulfilled that solemn commitment by founding a breast cancer charity in 1982 that grew into the world's largest ? a national fundraising powerhouse that has invested many millions of dollars in research and medical services.

Now Brinker, the public face of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, is stepping down as CEO, about six months after the organization's hotly debated decision to end funding for breast screenings through Planned Parenthood. The move was quickly reversed, but it ended up stirring anger on both sides of the abortion debate.

Brinker will move to a new role focusing on fundraising and strategic planning.

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/bbd825583c8542898e6fa7d440b9febc/Article_2012-08-09-Komen-Leadership%20Shake-Up/id-3fb006a995ed407da0bbf03213d80723

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The Real Deal in Albuquerque ? All Things Fulfilling

According to the L.A. Times, the city of Albuquerque, NM is the ?next best haven for filmmakers.? As mentioned in the Times article, a sign that hangs in the city?s airport proclaims Albuquerque as ?Hollywood?s newest home.? To read more about the filmmaking culture that is growing in the Sandia Mountains, thanks to financial incentives from the State, please visit this link.http://lat.ms/fEXR2.?

There is a competition among filmmakers in Albuquerque and other cities called the 48 hour film project. During this incredibly short time given to write, shoot, edit and ?score? their production, there is high pressure on the producers to finish their ?short?. Teamwork skills are put to the test, as well as creativity. In 2012, over 50,000 filmmakers participated producing 4,000 films on 6 continents in 120 cities. For more information on the 48 hour film project, please visit this link.http://bit.ly/OnBB0D.

One of the best films that came out of Albuquerque, NM was The Real Deal, by Lindele Media. Their film won five awards in this season?s contest.

  • Best director
  • Best use of a Character
  • Best Original Song
  • Runner-up Film (2nd place)
  • Best male actor (Bernardo)?

The Real Deal, is a 7 minute ?short,? by next generation?filmmakers who are striving to become some of the best on?the planet. Inconceivable to me, that within a 2 day period a film, so professional in quality, can be produced.? Today?s?digital equipment and software and people who know how to make the most out of using it makes it possible.

?Congratulations to all who were involved in the award winning?48 hour film project crafted by Lindele Media -?from the writer and actors, to director? and?the editor/colorist to the production assistants. A?few of these people work at Reelz Channel.

This blog brought to you by www.CornerstoneFulfillmentService.com.

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Source: http://allthingsfulfilling.com/2012/08/10/the-real-deal-in-albuquerque/

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Source: http://appropriated-motility.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-real-deal-in-albuquerque-all-things.html

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When a Kimono is in Season | Tec Casting Industrial Mechanical

Unlike other countries, Japan has managed to shield its culture from a lot of Western influences and this is why their way of life stands out. The Japanese way of life is so unique that a lot of people across the globe try to copy what the Japanese do from donning a kimonos to speaking Nihonggo. The thing about Japan is that they do not have a strong army but they do have a strong sense of tradition which other nations lack.

Saying that a Japanese person is a ninja has truth to it. The people in Japan do not surrender to stress that easily and this attitude of theirs is what links them to the attitude of the ninja warrior. You can say that conducting business on a daily basis is just like performing traditional martial arts.

A Japanese businessman is like a ninja because of the commitment that he puts into his business endeavors. The people who engage in business dealings here are highly committed to what they do. All efforts made by these people are in line with the Kaizen philosophy which focuses on continuous development.

Even if the Japanese way of doing business is somewhat strict, this is not its only attribute. These days, Cosplay is an excellent example of just how wacky but interesting Japanese culture is. Several countries around the world now go ga-ga over Cosplay conventions in which people dress up and engage in an unscripted role play of their favorite anim?, video game, movie, and comic book characters such as a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, Harry Potter, and Sailor Moon.

When it comes to the sense of creative tradition that Japanese people have, this is clearly reflected in the kimonos that they make and wear. If you want to experience something Japanese, what you have to do is sport a kimono. As seen in most movies, people donning robes are usually the ones that have a certain ability.

The kimono is both for men and women, and even children. Aside from the Japanese, there are tons of celebrities that also sport this piece of clothing. Nicole Richie, Miley Cyrus, Reese Witherspoon, and Selena Gomez are among the many.

You can really see how artistic the Japanese can be through their multi-colored kimono offerings. Only a Japanese can work on a Japanese artwork since the designs are hard to mimic. Apart from plants and animals, images of geishas are commonly used when it comes to Japanese artworks.

Here are some of the things that came to life thanks to the decision of Imperial Japanese to keep Western culture out of the country. Individuals learned to harness what is theirs thanks to the absence of Western culture in the country. Their cuisine is simply amazing and you won?t find people that do not like Japanese fare.

Apart from sushi, drinking sake is becoming a trend around the world these days. The taste of wasabi is also something that people clamor for. You can also see the creativity of the Japanese in the way they cook their food.

The Japanese are taking over. Glance left and right and tell me what you see. Apart from wearing a kimono, you will find people studying up on the Kaizen business philosophy or eating some sushi and wasabi. For more Japanese Kimono styles, hit my website.

Source: http://www.teccasting.com/219-when-a-kimono-is-in-season

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Two financial firms challenge Stockton's bankruptcy ? | The Maddy ...

The challenges, by National Public Finance Guarantee Corp. and Assured Guaranty Corp., make it increasingly likely that Stockton could be the scene of an epic legal showdown over whether pension promises made to public employees can be broken.?Sacramento Bee article;?Stockton Record article

Source: http://www.maddyinstitute.org/maddydaily/political/topstories/two-financial-firms-challenge-stockton%E2%80%99s-bankruptcy

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Online Marketing 101: The Basics for Local Businesses

Last updated 11 hours ago

How much can you learn about online marketing in 40 days? Well, I spent the past eight weeks interning in the marketing department at ReachLocal. And although I already had an understanding of online marketing, this experience taught me just how valuable online marketing is for small businesses.

The first thing that I learned working at ReachLocal is that there is a lot more to online marketing than just pay per click advertising. While it is an important part, it?s just the tip of the iceberg. I discovered that all aspects of online marketing are equally as important for local businesses, even more so now that newspapers, directory books, and print advertising are quickly becoming a thing of the past. And now, consumers are relying more and more on the Internet to search for local information ? and even buy products and services.

But, I also learned that the online marketing landscape is complex, involving many different important tactics. And small businesses can?t do everything themselves. They need marketing experts to help them turn consumers into customers so they can focus on running their business.?

Consumers are Going Online, and So is Local Marketing
In the past, small businesses focused their marketing strategies on yellow pages, print ads, billboards, buses, or even television ads. But today, in the age of smart phones, tablets, and laptops, more consumers are turning to the Internet to find information, making it an essential way to advertise locally. In fact, by the year 2016,?local searches on mobile devices are predicted to overtake those on desktop computers.

Well-organized online directories have made the process of finding a local business shift from picking up a five pound yellow book and looking through hundreds of pages, , to being just a couple of clicks away. Social media and review sites have also made word-of-mouth ? one of the most effective forms of advertising ? more powerful than ever. When people are searching for products and services, they now use ?search engines like Google first. Together,?these consumer trends?paint a very powerful picture of just how important it is for every local business to have an active presence across the Web ? from search engines to directories to social media sites and beyond.?

The Online Marketing Landscape is Diverse
So, how can small businesses create an active Web presence? Small businesses need a range of online marketing tactics and tools to ?build their brand and get more customers. Here are some of the top online marketing strategies small businesses should consider:

Search Engine Advertising?? When a consumer searches for products or services, search engine advertising helps a small business get their business in front of that consumer. This is one of the best places to start your online marketing strategy, but in today?s diverse digital landscape, it doesn?t stand alone.

Web Marketing?? This is the process of helping local businesses build their brand and reach customers through organic search listings, an active social media presence, a positive online reputation, and consumer engagement. Social media is an incredibly powerful form of communicating, sharing news, and connecting with consumers. Having a strong social media presence can help a business reach consumers who are already active on social networking sites.

Display Advertising?? Display advertising is an important way to build your brand across the Web where consumers are surfing online. And with a technology called?retargeting, display advertising becomes an incredibly powerful tool for marketing your business online. Through?retargeting, your business? display ads are put in front of consumers who have either searched for your business keywords online, or have visited your website, boosting your visibility online and keeping your business top of mind when they decide to purchase.

Local Online Marketing Companies Can Help Small Businesses Get More from Their Marketing
In my time at ReachLocal, I came to understand that online marketing plays a vital role in the success of a local business. But, it isn?t as easy as it may seem. Many small business owners don?t have the time or expertise to market themselves across all these places and get the most ?out of online marketing. By working with a company that not only has advanced software and strategies, but also offers teams of marketing experts, small businesses can market themselves online ? and focus their efforts on running their business.

Looking back, I realize that I thought I knew marketing, but my experience at ReachLocal opened my eyes to an online marketing world that I had never seen before. Not only do companies like ReachLocal have advanced online marketing products and services, but they have smart people with expertise in online marketing to back it up. And with a little help, small businesses can take their online marketing to the next level to reach more customers than ever online.

About the Author

Kelly McCormick interned this summer in the marketing department at ReachLocal. He is currently studying marketing and advertising at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX.

Related Articles

Source: http://blog.reachlocal.com/519120/2012/08/10/online-marketing-101-my-40-day-crash-course.html

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Just last month, J and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary....We went to one of our favorite or go-to?city, Bacolod City, for our 2nd anniversary (which warrants a different blogpost. Coming soon!)..?I can't believe how time flies and in a few more months, we will be a Mr & Mrs.... Wahhh!?How surreal!! This is the smoothest, steadiest and most fun relationship I ever had (Like I have so many,hahaha! Feeling lang..) and this is definitely for keeps. Keep praying for us, guys...

It also?makes me want to reminisce how we celebrated our 1st anniversary last year: Romantic dinner for two by the beach with music, candles, tiki lamps and all the churvaness.... Cheesy!

Cheesy or not, I believe it is important that couples should make time to celebrate anniversaries even if it is just a simple take-out dinner and a dvd of your fave film. Just add a touch of a candle for the effect, hehe. Be it, you are just in your 1st or 2nd monthsary or your 15th year of marriage. Relationship takes work, realistically speaking, so this yearly (or for others, monthly) "cheesy" interlude is? a perfect way to congratulate yourselves for sticking it out through thick or thin and making your relationship a priority. It is also a perfect time to reminisce the earlier years when both your eyes got so much hearts? and stars in it when you look at each other and then you both start falling in love all over again. So keep in mind, boys and girls, don't get lax on your relationships, make it a priority. You will thank me one day. A friendly reminder of a little honeybee.... Bzzzzzz....


Source: http://littlemisshoney.blogspot.com/2012/08/remembering-our-1st-anniversary.html

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Full Metal Jacket Diary, Cartoon Network, and More [Ipad Apps Of The Week]

It's time for another edition of best iPad apps. This week we've got a whole slew of great stuff coming your way. From a Full Metal Jacket diary to a Cartoon Network streaming app, you'll like what you see. More »

Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/vBgWWpzW44c/full-metal-jacket-diary-cartoon-network-and-more

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Bolt on track for double bid as Felix wait ends

Usain Bolt strolled ever closer to Olympic immortality on Wednesday as American sprinter Allyson Felix made it third time lucky to win the women's 200m crown.

Jamaican superstar Bolt -- chasing an unprecedented second successive 100m-200m double -- booked his place in Thursday's 200m final with an imperious semi-final victory, easing up after 100m to qualify easily in 20.18sec.

The 25-year-old, who lit up the Games on Sunday with a superb win in the 100m, warned that his 200m world record of 19.19sec could now be in jeopardy.

"It's a possibility, definitely. I can't say but the track is fast, it's going to be a good race," Bolt said. "There are going to be a lot of great competitors so I'm looking forward to it."

Bolt is bidding to become the first man in history to successfully defend both his 100m and 200m titles.

His opponents in Thursday's final will include compatriot Yohan Blake, who won his semi-final in 20.01sec, and like Bolt eased up well before the line.

The women's 200m final saw a heartwarming story as Felix finally bettered her silver medals from the 2004 and 2008 Games to claim her first gold over the distance at the third time of asking.

The 26-year-old from Los Angeles had been beaten by Jamaica's Veronica Campbell-Brown in both her previous final appearances.

But the willowy Californian glided home in 21.88sec to take gold ahead of Jamaica's Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (22.09sec) and Carmelita Jeter of the United States winning (22.14sec).

Campbell-Brown, Felix's long-time nemesis who was attempting to win an unprecedented third consecutive 200m crown, trailed in fourth.

"Finally. It has been a long time coming," said Felix. "I've waited so long for this moment, for so long, and I am just overjoyed.

"I thought back to the disappointment in Beijing (where she won silver in 2008). It's been a long road, I never wanted to give up.

"It's been a journey - never easy, but you can't lose sight of your dream."

The men's 110m hurdles saw favourite Aries Merritt lead a USA one-two, clocking a season's best of 12.92 sec to take gold ahead of compatriot Jason Richardson and Jamaica's Hansle Parchment.

Russia's Natalya Antyukh won the women's 400 metres hurdles title in 52.70sec ahead of American world champion Lashinda Demus (52.77) with Czech Zuzana Hejnova taking bronze in 53.38sec.

In the only field event final on Wednesday, American Brittney Reese won the women's long jump with a best of 7.12 metres.

Away from the athletics arena, China added to their gold tally by completing a second consecutive clean sweep of the table tennis medals with victory in the men's team final against South Korea.

China, who finished Day 12 on top of the medal standings with 36 golds to the United States 34, romped to a 3-0 victory to claim their fourth table tennis gold of the games.

Switzerland meanwhile added their second gold of the Games as Steve Guerdat, riding Nino des Buissonnets, won the individual show jumping title at Greenwich Park. It was Switzerland's first title in the event in 88 years.

In the boxing arena, India's five-time world champion M.C. Mary Kom was beaten 11-6 by Britain's second-seeded Nicola Adams in the semi-finals of the women's flyweight competition.

Hungary celebrated their fifth and sixth gold medals on the canoe-kayak sprint course at Eton Dorney, with Rudolf Dombi and Roland Kokeny taking the kayak K2 1000m title before their women's K4 team triumphed.

Japan's women dominated the freestyle wrestling competition, with Kaori Icho winning her third successive 63kg gold as Hitomi Obara triumphed in the 48kg category.

The star-studded USA basketball team meanwhile secured their passage to the semi-finals with a comfortable 119-86 victory over Australia. The USA will now play Argentina in the last four, while Spain take on Russia.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/bolt-track-double-bid-felix-wait-ends-214753242--oly.html

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stakeholders look to retail business creating jobs - Typepad

Nigeria?s burgeoning retail sector has the potential to create jobs and grow the economy exponentially within a short space of time and as such must be properly nurtured and encouraged, industry stakeholders have said.

This is just as foreign retail chains scramble for a foothold in the Nigerian market and South African brand, Shoprite prepares to open 700 more outlets across the country in the coming years.

Stakeholders at a BusinessDay Retail Conference in Lagos yesterday, however listed some of the challenges affecting retail business in Nigeria, as including logistics, distribution, power, funding and a dearth of skilled manpower and security issues, among others.

Joboy Christmas, manager corporate sales, Promasidor, said due to the viability and growing acceptance of retail business in the country, South Africa?s Shoprite plans to open about 700 outlets in the country in the next five to ten years.

This is so because they have increasingly warmed their way into the hearts of Nigerian consmers.

Juliet Anammah of Accenture in her presentation at the conference revealed that the retail sector contributes 19 percent of Nigeria?s GDP. She further observed that thinning margins in the developed economies, as well as slow economic growth have made the search for new markets imperative. Nigeria and Morocco, according to Anammah, have drawn the attention of retail giants like Walmart.

Anammah estimates that by 2020 Nigeria?s expenditure on non-durable goods will be N13 trillion naira; the agriculture, financial and real estate sectors are expected to be beneficiaries, as capital accumulates and the retail sector evolves. Inadequate logistic; limited access to credit for micro businesses and the slow adoption of online payment may delay this evolution, but it won?t stall the emergence of multiples of local and foreign retail businesses, she added.

Olumide Akindele, Diamond Bank?s head of Proposition Liabilities, said Nigerian banks lack the expertise to support retail outlets and as such, very few banks were in the business of funding retail outlets.

Diamond Bank has identified this gaping vacuum and has moved to fill it, Akindele said.

He added: ?We have done well to create SME programmes targeted at financing upcoming and established retail outlets.

This is evident in the capital, to the tune of N147.2 billion injected by the bank into the growth of SME?s in Nigeria in recent times.?

Olusola Owuro, Lagos State Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, in a brief opening address, offered that Lagos was open to business and willing to learn from the private sector. The state, according to her, wants to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable economic development.

The variety and quality of consumer goods in the Nigerian retail market are rising, while prices are falling, as global mega stores including Shoprite, Spar and Game penetrate the sector, following the exit three decades ago of former market leaders such as Leventis , Kingsway and UTC stores.

Industry watchers say the coming of the foreign mega stores is spurred by expanding markets and political stability in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, including Nigeria, as well as thinning margins in Europe and the US.

The expansion in the Nigerian market is attributed to the country?s growing middle class, which earns between N75,000 and N100,000 monthly, and now accounts for up to 23 percent of the national population, according to a study by Renaissance Capital.

A report of the study which relied on data by the African Development Bank put the average income per annum of this group at between N1 million and N1.2 million ($6,000 ? $7,000).

The growth in the middle class size in Nigeria, follows the pattern in the rise of the country?s national income. For instance, Nigeria?s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increased five-fold from $46 billion in 2000, to $247 billion in 2011, while GDP per capita has increased to about $1,600.

Similarly, the country?s population has increased by about 33 percent during the same period, rising from 119 million to the current estimated 160 million.

According to a survey by Neilsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into consumers? behaviour, Nigerian consumers spend more on consumer packaged goods than other African countries.

As the most populous country in Africa and the second largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria?s growing middle class and consumer spending have made it an attractive destination to investors with keen interest in emerging markets.

Neilsen?s insight into the country?s market would further reinforce investors? appetite especially for those with interest in consumer packaged products.

?Nigerians earn more and spend more on consumer packaged goods (CPG) products than the African average,? the report has stated while noting that the middle and high income consumer segments which it categorised as Trendy Aspirants, Balanced Seniors and Progressive Affluents account for over 50 percent spending on CPG which is significantly higher than the Africa average of 45 percent.

According to the report, Nigerian consumers? spending patterns are influenced by traditions, family and the desire to maintain high standards. Of the seven consumer segments identified in the survey report, the family, affordability of the commodity, as well as trust in the same brand were common factors that determine consumption in the country.

It noted that 37 percent of total monthly household spending of Nigerian consumers go into food, personal care, and household products, while they often prefer tested products that are affordable and easily available.

About two decades ago, outlets such Leventis, Kingsway and UTC stores dominated the Nigerian retail market but then folded up. Tajudin Olufadi, an analyst at Renaisance, said the simple reason why most of them are no more is because they became too complacent, as they allowed themselves be tagged as being for the rich, so they failed to re-strategise by changing their business models and developing systems that would help them remain competitive.

Article source: http://www.businessdayonline.com/NG/index.php/news/76-hot-topic/42486-stakeholders-look-to-retail-business-creating-jobs

22?total views, 1?today

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Source: http://nigerianjobsmarket.com/stakeholders-look-to-retail-business-creating-jobs/

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Source: http://pruiettmariam9.typepad.com/blog/2012/08/stakeholders-look-to-retail-business-creating-jobs.html

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CBO: ObamaCare Will Leave 30 Million Without Health Insurance

obamacare uninsuredA new report out from the Congressional Budget Office reveals ObamaCare will leave 30 million people without health insurance.

Currently, accoriding to CBO, there are 53 million uninsured persons in the United States, including uninsured illegal aliens. The CBO estimates that in 2022?8 years after the Affordable Care Act has been fully implemented?30 million people will remain uninsured.

CBO and JCT [Joint Committee on Taxation] now estimate that the ACA, in comparison with prior law before the enactment of the ACA, will reduce the number of nonelderly people without health insurance coverage by 14 million in 2014 and by 29 million or 30 million in the latter part of the coming decade, leaving 30 million nonelderly residents uninsured by the end of the period,? the report said.

?Before the Supreme Court?s decision, the latter number had been 27 million,? states the report.

Not only will millions be left uninsured, but the government takeover of healthcare is now expected to cost $2.6 trillion over the next ten years. Obama claimed ObamaCare would cost under $1 trillion.

Post Continues on townhall.com

Source: http://visiontoamerica.com/11428/cbo-obamacare-will-leave-30-million-without-health-insurance/

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Home Staging: Curb Appeal | Belleville Real Estate, Belleville ...

Here's a video with some important & low cost tips to improve your home's curb appeal.

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Source: http://www.taralyons.ca/2012/08/home-staging-curb-appeal-2/

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Composer Marvin Hamlisch dies at 68

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Composer Marvin Hamlisch, who earned critical acclaim and popularity for a prolific output of dozens of motion-picture scores and shows including "The Way We Were," "The Sting" and "A Chorus Line," has died in Los Angeles. He was 68.

Hamlisch collapsed after a brief illness and died on Monday, a family spokesman said in a statement. The spokesman gave no more details.

The composer and conductor was the creative force behind more than 40 film scores, including original compositions and musical adaptations such as his arrangement of ragtime composer Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer" in the 1973 film "The Sting."

He won two Oscars for best score and best song for "The Way We Were," also released in 1973, which starred Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand. Hamlisch first worked with Streisand as a rehearsal pianist for "Funny Girl."

His other film scores included "Sophie's Choice," "Ordinary People," "The Swimmer," "Three Men and a Baby," "Ice Castles," "Take the Money and Run" and "Bananas." His latest effort was for a film based on the life of pianist Liberace.

On Broadway, he won a Tony and a Pulitzer Prize for the 1975 musical "A Chorus Line," which at the time became the most successful show on the Great White Way. He had been working on a new Broadway musical called "Gotta Dance."

Hamlisch earned the rare distinction of winning Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards.

At the time of his death, he held the position of principal pops conductor for several symphony orchestras across the United States and was scheduled to conduct the New York Philharmonic in this year's New Year's Eve concert.

He is survived by his wife of 25 years, Terre.

(Reporting by Christine Kearney; editing by Jeffrey Benkoe and Matthew Lewis)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/composer-marvin-hamlisch-dies-68-140139532.html

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Trail Blazers hire Terry Stotts as head coach

(AP) ? The Portland Trail Blazers hired Terry Stotts as head coach on Tuesday, filling the NBA's last coaching vacancy.

The 54-year-old Stotts had a 115-168 record as coach of the Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks before spending the past four seasons as an assistant with the Dallas Mavericks. He inherits a team that fell drastically short of expectations last season and heads into the new campaign with a roster that includes forwards LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, and a lot of question marks.

"Terry is one of the elite offensive minds in the NBA, has extensive experience with multiple organizations and was instrumental in the Dallas Mavericks winning the 2011 NBA championship," general manager Neil Olshey said. "He understands the vision for the future of the franchise, appreciates the process involved and will create an environment on the court that will produce championship habits."

Stotts replaces Kaleb Canales, who went 8-15 in an interim role after Nate McMillan was fired.

Stotts and Canales emerged as the finalists for the permanent job, and the men reportedly interviewed with owner Paul Allen over the weekend at the London Olympics. Canales has been in the Trail Blazers organization since 2005. It is unclear if he will remain with the club.

"I'm very pleased to be part of a great franchise in a beautiful city with a such a proud history," Stotts said in a news release. "I look forward to working hard with Neil and our players toward the ultimate goal of bringing another championship to Portland."

Before becoming a head coach, Stotts was an assistant under George Karl for six years in Seattle and four with Milwaukee.

He played college ball at Oklahoma and was drafted in the second round by the Houston Rockets in 1980.

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/347875155d53465d95cec892aeb06419/Article_2012-08-07-Trail%20Blazers-Stotts/id-73ddd6ec22df415aa002dda1ccef9201

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10 Things to Know for Wednesday

Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today (times EDT):


With the gunman dead and no trial coming, what investigators uncover about the white supremacist may remain a secret.


It marks the first time the American government got directly involved in a remediation project on one of the war's lasting legacies.


While some speculate whether it was a case of a mercy killing, prosecutors will arraign him at 8:30 a.m., deciding whether to try him for attempted murder or a more severe charge.


The hurricane weakens to a tropical storm as it moves across the Mexican resort area but is expected to resume hurricane strength when it passes out to sea.


It is the first time that the army has fired missiles in Sinai since Egypt's 1973 war with Israel, officials say.


Rep. Todd Akin broke out from a three-way primary to get the Republican nomination.


The country's fastest texters face off in New York's Times Square at 2 p.m.


Mark Kerrigan will be exempt from alcohol counseling, anger management classes and mental health counseling if a judge decides at a 9 a.m. hearing that he can finish the six months remaining of his jail sentence.


A new report shows the percentage of borrowers who fell behind is at a three-year low.


American Sanya Richards-Ross and Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce face off in the women's 200 meters, each with the hopes that she will take home another top medal.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/10-things-know-wednesday-103500895.html

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Amazon announces 'Amazon Game Studios,' starts with a Facebook game

Amazon's evolving from a digital marketplace into a content creator as well, today announcing its first game development studio ? "Amazon Game Studios" ? with the launch of its first game, "Living Classics." The company's starting somewhat unremarkably with a hidden object game (which it's dubbing a "moving object game"), and it's ready for you to play on Facebook right now. There's also a trailer for the game above.

Per the announcement, the studio is also hiring. And hey, despite our reluctance to play casual games, it's hard to get upset at someone hiring game devs.

Source: http://www.joystiq.com/2012/08/06/amazon-announces-amazon-game-studios-starts-with-a-facebook-g/

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Iraqi Kurdistan resumes oil exports

Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region resumed oil exports on Tuesday, a top Kurdish official said, after stopping them for more than four months during a row with Baghdad.

Kurdistan halted its oil exports via the federal government on April 1 over $1.5 billion it said is owed to foreign oil companies working in the region, that Baghdad has allegedly withheld.

"We started exporting oil at noon today," Ashti Hawrami, the minister of natural resources in the Kurdistan region's government, told AFP.

Hawrami said that the exports were currently less than 100,000 barrels per day, but that they would reach that figure within the next two days.

Kurdistan announced on August 1 that it would resume exports, in a statement that quoted a natural resources ministry spokesman as saying that "exports would remain at 100,000 bpd for a month and if payments were forthcoming, they could move swiftly up to 200,000 bpd."

Hawrami said in the statement that the move was aimed at building "confidence with the federal government," and "squaring up all the oil and gas issues in Iraq."

Baghdad and Arbil are at odds over issues including Kurdistan's refusal to seek approval from the central government for oil contracts it has awarded to foreign firms, and over a swathe of disputed territory in northern Iraq.

Baghdad says all oil deals must go through the national oil ministry and regards any that do not as illegal.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/iraqi-kurdistan-resumes-oil-exports-185403810.html

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2012 American Chestnut Summit

2012 American Chestnut Summit [ Back to EurekAlert! ] Public release date: 7-Aug-2012
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Contact: Paul Franklin
USDA Forest Service ? Southern Research Station

The restoration of the American chestnut is a project that will require the cooperation of state and federal agencies, private organizations, industry and individuals. The 2012 American Chestnut Summit will bring together scientists, private landowners, conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts and industry professionals to share the current state of knowledge of the American chestnut and inspire reintroduction of this species to eastern forests. The Summit will provide a unique opportunity to enhance awareness of the importance of American chestnut restoration, explore partnerships, exchange information and discuss this exciting project with a wide audience.


More information is available here: http://www.acf.org/summit/

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AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert! system.

Source: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2012-08/ufs-2ac080712.php

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Cried. HARD.: Children's Hospital Creates 'Cat Immersion Project' For Young Cancer Patient Missing Her Own Cat

August 6, 2012 in cats, cried -- HARD, daaaaaaaw, even the thought of a hospital makes me light-headed, get well soon, heartwarming, hey maga if you ever need anybody to come watch cat videos on youtube with you i'm your man, hospital, i am sick and tired of cancer, love me some cat pictures, tearjerker, you got this!


Hey -- you're gonna cry, okay?

Seattle Children's Hospital recently asked their fans on Facebook to submit cat pictures so they could put together a "cat immersion tent" for 16-year old cancer patient Maga, who's currently a resident at the hospital and missing her own cat, Merry, who's back at home. Aaaaaaand I already can't see through the tears. Copy/paste, copy/paste!

Facebook fans of Seattle Children's Hospital submitted more than 3,000 pictures of their cats along with well wishes. With more photos than expected, hospital workers got to work on the "Cat Immersion Project," using recorded purring sounds, sheets and a projector to create a "virtual cat cocoon" for Maga.

"I can't tell you how it feels sometimes, feeling disconnected and cut off from the world, and then with something like cat pictures bringing me back," said Maga, according to the hospital's On the Pulse blog. "Thank you all for your kind words, and well wishing. Its means more then you can ever know."

Maga had previously spent more than seven months at the hospital in 2011 while waiting for a compatible bone marrow donor, eventually getting at transplant. But she had to come back to the hospital in July for post-transplant treatment, where she's been away from nearly a month.

Oh man, there's a part in the video where there's a slide of a cat hugging a dog and Maga says excitedly, "Is that possible?! Because...I would like that to be possible." I was holding it down pretty well until then. Get well soon, Maga.

Hit the jump for the heartwarming tearjerker of the day.

Thanks to ChaosLex, who's convinced that cat pictures actually have medical healing properties and I believe it.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/geekologie/iShm/~3/eCeteFPyzrQ/cried-hard-childrens-hospital-creates-ca.php

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Why do we lie? Is it to make ourselves look better? To reinstate emotional boundaries? To hide secrets? To protect ourselves? To protect others? More importantly why do we tend to tell the greatest lies to those closest to us? And, given that this is true, do we ever really know someone? The theme of deception, among other affairs that tend to complicate personal relationships, is deftly explored through Linden MacIntyre?s latest novel?Why Men Lie?(Random House Canada, 2012).Why Men Lie?is the the third installment in a trilogy beginning with his 2006 piece?The Long Stretch. (His last book,?The Bishop?s Man,?won the Scotiabank Giller Prize. MacIntyre is also the co-host of the CBC?s flagship news documentary program?the fifth estate.)

Why Men Lie?examines the life of Fay (Effie) MacAskill Gillis, originally from Cape Breaton Island, now longtime Toronto resident, professor of Gaelic Studies, and department head at a major university. She is the ex-wife of John Gillis, protagonist from?The Long Stretch, and sister to Duncan MacAskill, the priest from?The Bishop?s Man. (Both characters appear in the third installment.) As an independent, confident, and successful middle aged woman, Effie is well aware of disappointments that accompany romantic relationships. She is also attuned to the innate ability of men to lie. When Effie is introduced she is writing off her second (and most philandering) husband Alexander Sextus Gillis after she hears of his latest illicit liaison. This fallout is diverted by a chance encounter with a handsome, seemingly well-adjusted, old acquaintance JC Campbell. JC and Effie begin, what seems like, a healthy, mutually respectful relationship. The novel becomes an open examination of her three past relationships and a dissection of her most recent romance with this gentleman from her past.

Throughout the novel, Effie also grapples with the issues of secrecy, infidelity and solitude. Comfortable in her hermetic state, but aware of the unbearable lightness caused by isolation, Effie tries to determine which she possesses. At one instance she concludes that the difference between ?isolation and solitude is autonomy.? But she comes to see that when we allow ourselves to become emotionally vulnerable, while engaging in a relationship with another, we always give up some of that autonomy. MacIntyre draws us into becoming fully immersed observers watching Effie slowly give up some of her self-governance. As time passes, JC also reveals secrets, insecurities, and troubles. Some of those issues are revealed when JC, a journalist, covers the story of a Canadian man, Sam, on death row in Texas for a murder. His devotion to the case becomes his personal obsession. After an altercation on New Years Eve leaves her partner hospitalized, Effie begins to suspect that JC is satisfying his carnal impulses outside the relationship. While her presumption turns out to be false, the issue remains: she knows very little about JC.?Why Men Lie?is a fascinating examination of the contrasting opinions on the truth.

The book is also lined with introspective musings from Effie combined with flashbacks from the past. She reveals fragments of her childhood under the guardianship of a war-damaged father while reminiscing about her own lies told to her first husband John, the one she left for his cousin Sextus. Instant karma followed this break up when Sextus soon began compulsive affairs that were accompanied with further deceit. To escape Sextus? affairs, Effie moved on with a man named Conor, whom she lives with until his untimely death. Conor claims to never lie, but instead believes in the necessity of ?benevolent deception.? Throughout the novel, lies get analyzed, justified, and condemned. ?It?s only what we know that matters,? is a mantra that continually reappears in the guise of that age-old 'what we don?t know won?t hurt us' philosophy. MacIntyre raises the question as to whether or not lies are used for protection. When examining the ones told by Sextus, it is obvious that they are part of his veiling of insecurities, or vain attempts to remedy those insecurities. The morality of lying is also examined by Effie?s brother Duncan as he exclaims that ?morality resides in motivation. A well-motivated lie, by that standard, can be okay, maybe even good.?

The grey area between deception and secrets is also examined. Throughout the book, JC may not explicitly lie to Effie, at least not in the same way Sextus has, but he does not reveal his full self. Is this a lie? ?Secrets are funny,? Duncan reveals to Effie. ?They demand fidelity regardless of their worth. Even an unworthy secret is a test of character. That?s why I never messed with your secrets.? It can be debated whether secrets are but untold lies. Would this mean that all of us with secrets are subsequently liars? ?We rarely see another human in his moral nakedness,? Effie concludes one morning while wondering about the actions of her counterpart.

Why Men Lie?provides a potent emotional landscape that is a worthy addition to Canadian Literature. The novel offers not only a story, but a lesson in how we come to represent ourselves. Since geography always plays such a leading role in the genre, the shift in settings between Toronto and Nova Scotia resonates memorably. The characters, although troubled, struggle to be strong, respectable, and true-to-life. They face moral dilemmas, similar to those we all face, and each deal with them within their own capacities.Why Men Lie?asks many questions. While it may not have answers to all the troubling questions about men, women, relationships, and lying, it has a way of keeping those questions burning in us as well.?

- originally published on May 1, 2012 in Critics at Large.??Laura Warner?is a librarian, researcher and aspiring writer living in Toronto. She is currently based in the Canadian Broadcasting Centre?s Music Library.

Source: http://lunaseanotes.blogspot.com/2012/08/lies-we-live-by.html

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Legal Theory Blog: Legal Theory Lexicon: Consent


Most law students begin realize that?consent?is a powerful legal and moral concept early in the first year of law school. A physical blow to the person is a battery?unless the blow was landed in a boxing match, in which case consent turns the battery into something that is legally permissible and not actionable, even if it results in serious harm. Intercourse without consent is the very serious crime of rape; intercourse with consent is quite something else.

The basic legal structure is easy to grasp. But what is consent? Why does it have the legal and moral force that it does? When is it valid and when is it invalid?

This entry in the?Legal Theory Lexicon?is about the idea of consent in legal contexts involving interpersonal (but?not?political) relationships. The entry will explore what consent is and why consent is important, both legally and morally. Our investigation will also explore the conditions under which consent might be said to be ?invalid,? e.g. in cases where consent was obtained through deception, coercision, or in which the consenting person lacked capacity to give consent. As always, the?Legal Theory Lexicon?is aimed at law students, especially first-year law students, with an interest in legal theory.

The Ontology of Consent

What is consent? We all know about paradigm cases of consent and its absence. Consent is clearly present (ceteris paribus) when someone says ?I consent? and really means it. Consent is absent when someone says, ?I object? and really means it. But the ability to distinguish clear cases of consent and its absence is not sufficient for a theory of consent.

In general, there are two families of theories about the nature of consent. One theory is that consent is a mental state?either an affective state such as desire or a volitional state such as choice. The second theory is that consent is a performative?a speech act in which one person agrees to something by communicating with another person (or persons). Each of these two approaches to consent requires some additional explanation.

Consent as a Mental State

The first possibility is that consent is a mental state. But what kind of mental state? Is a consent a willing, a wish, a desire, a choice, a preference, or something else? We can investigate two possibilities:

Consent as an Affective Mental State.? One possibility is that when Alice consents to be kissed by Ben, her consent consists in a certain attitude towards the kiss. For example, if Alice wants (or desires) Ben to Kiss her, then we might be tempted to say that Alice has consented to the Kiss. Another candidate for the relevant affective mental state might be preference. We might say that Alice consents to Ben?s kiss if Alice prefers Ben?s kissing her to the alternative.

Consent as a Volitional Mental State.? There is another possibility. It might be that consent is not attitude but a decision, choice, or willing. Thus, we might say that Alice consents to Ben?s kiss if Alice has willed that Ben kiss her.

Affective mental states like desires or preferences are not identical to volitional mental states like choosings or decisions. To want something is different than to having chosen to do it. Of course, there may be a close relationship between affective and volitional states. For example, you might believe that when you have an all-things-considered desire to be kissed, then the choice?the choosing to be kissed?follows more or less automatically. These are deep waters that we can elide for the purposes of this bare-boned introduction to the idea of consent.

Consent as a Performative

It is not clear that our ordinary language conception of consent can be reduced to a mental state. Consent is both a noun and an intransitive verb. Thus, we say things like, ?I consent? or ?He consented to having his name put forward in nomination.? When used in this way consent seems to be some kind of action, accomplished through communication.? Consent could be a?performative--a communicative act in which the speaker communicates permission for or agreement to a course of action.

So which is it? Is consent a mental state or a communicative action? This is not the sort of question that can be resolved by a?Legal Theory Lexicon?entry. My opinion is that the performative theory best captures the ordinary language conception of consent. One reason I think so is that the idea of secret consent?which would be a perfectly alright if consent is a mental state?doesn?t seem to comport with our usual way of talking about consent. ?I consented to the operation, but I didn?t tell anyone??sounds quite odd to my ear.

The law goes both ways, however, and the legal notion of consent may vary with context.? Thus, in the criminal law, "legal consent" may be a mental state, whereas in torts or contracts "legal consent" may be a performative.

The Moral and Legal Force of Consent

Assuming we knew what consent is, we can ask the further question, ?What legal and moral effect does consent have and why?

The Normative Significance of Consent

Sometimes it is said that consent works "moral magic." ?What does that mean?? The idea is that consent has a transformative moral power: consent can transform a wrongful action into a rightful action. Batteries are both morally wrong and and subject to legal sanctions (both criminal and civil), but consent somehow drains the punch of its moral and legal offense. Taking my property with the intent of permanently depriving me of use and enjoyment is theft, but taking my property with consent is simply accepting a gift.

Why Does Consent Have Moral and Legal Force

Once we recognize that consent does have some kind of transformative moral and legal force, the next question we might ask is?why? There are lots of way to approach the question why consent has moral force. For example, we might approach the question from the perspectives of the major families of moral theories. Let?s give that a whirl.

Autonomy and Consent--Some moral theories make ?autonomy? a central moral idea. Of course, autonomy isn?t easy to describe?especially in a sentence or so. We might say that the core idea of autonomy is self-direction or self control. An autonomous person is one who directs her own life, and not someone whose life is controlled by others. Of course, we can?t all do whatever we would like without running the risk of interfering with each other. Hence, from the idea of autonomy, we might derive the idea of moral rights and duties that create for each individual a sphere of autonomous action, in which each individual can direct her own life without interfering with the like freedom of others to do the same. The moral force of consent comes naturally if one accepts autonomy as a central moral value. Consent allows others to enter one?s sphere of autonomy. So long a consent is freely given, consented-to rights violations seem perfectly consistent with the idea that rights protect a sphere of individual choice.

Utility and Consent--Can utilitarians account for the moral force of consent? Of course, for a utilitarian, consent really can?t be said to be ?moral magic.? For utilitarians, the bottom line question is whether a particular state of affairs involves greater utility than the alternatives. So, on the surface, it might seem like consent is not,?per se, morally relevant. Consent is just a fact; only good and bad consequences are morally significant.

But it is more complicated than that. There are many possible forms of utilitarianism, and one dimension of variation concerns the various conceptions of?utility. One important form of utilitarianism holds that there utility consists in the satisfaction of preferences. Suppose that one also believed that consent was the mental state of preferring the consented-to action to the alternatives. If no third parties were affected (and assuming that consent was freely given on the basis of adequate information), then the consented-to activity would maximize utility. So for at least some utilitarians, consent would be presumptive evidence that the consented-to action would maximize utility and hence be the morally best action.

Virtue and Consent--Consent will also be relevant to aretaic (or virtue-based) moral theories. One of the virtues is justice, and humans with this virtue will not violate the rights of others without their consent. Virtue ethics differs from deontological and utilitarian theories in part because virtue ethics denies that there is any decision procedure for ethics. That is, a virtue ethicist is unlikely to believe that consent can work ?moral magic,? but instead is likely to believe that the moral salience of consent is contextual?depending on the particular circumstances of the case. Virtue ethics is also likely to ask the question whether the person given the consent is a virtuous agent. Humans without the virtues are likely to give consent when they shouldn?t?when, for examploe, the consented-to action might actually cause unjustified harm to the fortunes or capacities of the consenting agent. In such circumstances, virtue ethics might deny that consent works moral magic. A virtuous agent might regard herself as obligated not to take advantage of consent?despite the fact that the consent was freely given by an agent who meets the legal standard of competence in circumstances without coercion or deception.

Valid and Invalid Consent

We have one more important topic to consider. Consent may be invalid. Let?s explore three kinds of reasons for concluding that consent is invalid, and hence that consent does not transform the legal or moral situation: (1) deception, (2) coercion, and (3) incapacity.

Deception--Consent obtained by deception may be invalid, either morally or legally or both. For example, if Alice consents to Ben?s kiss, because Ben tells Alice that he likes her very much, but Ben in fact does not like Alice at all, then Alice?s consent may not be morally valid. Because Ben obtained Alice?s consent by deception, Ben is not morally authorized to kiss Alice. In this case, however, the law would not consider Alice?s consent to be legally invalid. Although Ben may be morally wrong if he kisses Alice, he will not have committeed the crime of sexual assault or the tort of battery. Legally, this kind of deception is not sufficient to invalidate Alice?s consent.

Outright fraud?intentionally making false statements about something materially relevant to the decision at hand?is the most obvious form of deception. But deception may involve nondisclosue as well as lying. If Ben fails to disclose to Alice that Ben is married, then Alice?s consent may not be morally transformative?although once again, the law will still treat Alice?s consent as legally valid.

Coercion--Consent may also be invalid because it is coerced. For example, if Alice consents to Ben?s kiss because Ben has threatened to harm her if she does, then her consent is invalid. And this is true, both morally and legally. Because consent was coerced, Ben should not kiss Alice and if he does, he will have acted tortiously and perhaps criminally as well.

One problem with coercion is distinguishing threats from offers and warnings. Consent is not invalidated because it is induced by an offer or warning, but it will be invalidated if induced by a threat. How do we differentiate threats from offers and warnings. One strategy is to specify a baseline of legal and/or moral entitlement. We call a communication promising an action in exhange for consent a threat, if the action would move the party below the baseline of entitlements. We call a communication promising an action in exchange for consent, if the action would move the consenting party above the baseline of moral and/or legal entitlements. So if Ben promises Alice that he will let her choose the movie in exchange for a kiss, that is an offer. If he promises to force Alice to watch a movie she doesn?t like if she doesn?t consent to a kiss, that is a threat.

Warnings are neither offers nor threats. One kind of warning arises when the warning party predicts consequences outside its control. If Ben predicts to Alice that she will feel silly if she doesn?t consent to a kiss, then he has warned her of a consequence, but he has neither made a threat nor an offer.? Another kind of warning involves situations in which the warning party does have control.? For example, "If you continue to smoke, I will leave the room," may be a warning rather than a threat if the warning party does not intend to change the behavior of the party being warned.

Incapacity--Consent requires capacity. For example, children cannot consent to sexual relations as a matter of law?hence, consent is no defence to a charge of statutory rape. On the other hand, children can consent to lots of things, including rough play such as wrestling. Other examples of incapacity include mental illness, profound developmental disability, or severe intoxication. If Ben consents to Alice?s taking Ben?s new Mini Cooper on a two-week road trip while Ben is completely blotto (and Alice knows this), then his consent may be invalid and hence Ben may be legally entitled to demand that Alice return his car.


Consent is one of those ideas that cuts across courses and theoretical approaches. We?ve barely scratched the surface of consent, but I hope that this post has provided a very basic introduction to some of the key concepts.

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(This entry was last updated on August 5, 2012.? I owe thanks to Alan Wertheimer for a very helpful clarification re warnings and to Tom Bell for comments on the state of the law.)


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